6 Places to Put Security Cameras in Your Home

6 Places to Put Security Cameras in Your Home

Home security cameras are a great way to ensure that your home is safe while you’re away or if you’re on vacation. But where should you put them? There are several areas of your home to consider, as well as specific angles that might work best for each location. Here are some ideas for where you can place security cameras in your house:

Front Door

The front door is a great place to put a security camera because it is the first line of defense against intruders. You can use your front door camera to see who is coming and going, so you know when somebody leaves your home. If you have pets or plants at home, this will also be helpful in keeping an eye on them when they are outside without having to leave the house yourself.

You can also use a front door camera as an alert system for packages being delivered or anything else that comes through your front door. The front porch provides more privacy than most other areas of the house, so if somebody stops by unexpectedly while you’re not home—and decides to take something from inside—they’ll be caught on video!

Back Door

You should have a security camera at the back door. Ideally, you should have two: one that covers the area in front and one that covers the area near your garage. This way you can see if anyone is entering or leaving from any angle. If a burglar gets in through your back door, they will likely be able to steal items from your home without being seen by cameras placed farther away from this entrance.


If you have any windows in your home, it’s important to install security cameras near them. A wide-angle lens will allow the camera to capture as much of the outside world as possible, so you can see what’s going on outside even if it isn’t directly in front of your window. You also want to make sure that the camera is installed in a place where it can see the entire window. Don’t just get a cheap plastic dome and stick it up against a corner of your window—it might not be able to see enough of what’s happening outside!

To make sure your camera stays safe from rain or snow damage and strong winds, install it inside an inconspicuous box like this one:


You may think that you don’t need to have a security camera viewing your driveway. However, it can be more helpful than you’d first suspect. You can monitor who is coming and going from your driveway. If you left a car at home, a driveway camera can make sure nobody breaks in and can catch someone who tries. Lastly, if someone breaks into your home or causes a scene, a driveway camera is the most likely to capture faces and license plates.


As you can see, the garage is a great place for a security camera. Whether it’s to keep an eye on your car or keep an eye on the tools in your shed, it’s important to know when someone is coming or going from your home.

If you want to keep an eye on when someone comes and goes from your garage, there are several options available:

  • A standard outdoor security camera with night vision that connects directly to your smartphone via WiFi or Ethernet cable. This option provides automatic notifications when motion is detected while also allowing you live stream footage from the camera directly onto your phone.
  • An indoor or outdoor video doorbell such as Ring or Chime Pro has one-way communication capabilities so you can see who is at the front door via smartphone app without having them ring the bell again! The cameras attached to these products have infrared sensors allowing them operate even during nighttime hours when most other devices would stop working normally due to darkness.”

Basement and Attic

Basements and attics are ideal places to put cameras because they’re not commonly used areas. If you have a basement, you may want to put a camera there. You can hide it behind boxes or in the ceiling, where it won’t be seen by anyone who goes into your basement. An attic is also a good place for security cameras because no one goes up there very often (if ever!), so if you put one there, it will likely remain undiscovered for quite some time.

These are the places to put home security cameras.

  • Front door
  • Back door
  • Windows (make sure to check the interior of your house too)
  • Driveway and garage doors
  • Basement and attic

Remember, the best place to put security cameras depends on your home and your needs. The most important thing is that you have access to a good quality camera so that it can both capture images well and transmit them over wireless or wired networks. You also want it to be easy for you or someone else who lives with you to access those images whenever necessary. If these requirements match up with what we’ve outlined here today then congratulations! You’ve found your perfect setup!

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