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Preferred Home Technologies offers the highest quality home security systems Houston and customer care available anywhere for Business & Home Alarm Systems.

You hear about it all the time. But the stories of tragedy never really hit home until something happens to you. If you’ve been a victim, we’re deeply sorry. If you’ve been lucky until now, why wait any longer? Either way, now’s the time to secure your valuables and your future with Houston home security from PHT Security System.

With over fourty years of trusted service, Home Security Systems Houston – PHT sets the bar for quality, value and reliability.

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What Sets PHT Home Alarm Systems Houston Above All?

  • 24-hour security monitoring.
  • The best value and service in Residential and Commercial Security.
  • The highest retention rate of our customers.
  • Other security companies cannot compare to our products and our outstanding services.
  • Security Systems Experts with over 40 years of experience.

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We Plan for Your Future

PHT Security Systems is dedicated to providing you with the wireless home security systems Houston with all we have to offer, including your future needs. Each of our custom system designs is developed to be modular and expandable to accommodate your needs as your personal lifestyle or business grows and as the technology changes. Our goal is always to provide quality and reliable protection of what’s important to you, from family to property, for your sense of security and confidence.

PHT Security Systems specializes in the design and installation of integrated Home security systems to provide the home security monitoring services in Houston for all of our accounts.

Home Security Systems

In today’s era of crime and theft, we always think once before leaving our house or our beloved family alone while we go out for work or stay out for vacations or any other reasons. We always worry if someone gets into our house and steals precious belongings. In these worries and tension, we can usually not focus on our work when we are out or not enjoying ourselves properly.

But no worries, now there is a solution for all these worries and problems. PHT Security System has brought the answer to this.

Access Controle

Home Security Systems Best Houston Security Company


The home security systems Houston company aims to provide quality and reliable protection to everything important to you, varying from family to property. For the clients, sense of security and confidence. This company protects your safety in various aspects and is always available for you, i.e., 24 x 7. They make use of the best and latest security equipment and technology that has 100% accuracy.

PHT Security Systems specializes in designing and installing integrated security systems to provide Houston home security services for all accounts. In your non-appearance, they take care of your house’s protection and make sure that so burglar enters your place, and if in case anything happens, they do not allow any mischief to happen, or we don’t let anyone harm your home, property, or family. So, they provide complete safety and security along with all necessities and care.

Above all, the trusted security system authorizes. Many people who tried their services have been checked and rated as one of the best security service companies. Some of the best equipment used by them are mentioning further.

Professional Grade Security Cameras Real Security Better Equipment.

They make use of professional-grade security cameras for better security and to monitor your house and activities there in your absence. Absolute security is when you have the better and proper equipment.

Home security systems Houston provides you a variety of Houston. They provide access control solutions and video monitoring, and many other security services that meet the needs of today’s business owners. All burglar alarm systems they have include equipment, professional installation, and a 24-hour monitoring service that monitors and safeguards your property. Their design may also customize to trace abnormal or susceptible activities and take actions based on that information. They will help protect your house or property from buglers and thefts.

This 24/7 monitored service detects unauthorized entry and helps prevent burglaries and malicious intrusions. However, having a security system that triggers an intrusion siren — even one for every location — is not enough. This security system couples with an around-the-clock alarm monitoring service that gives your business an added protection and maximizes your peace of mind.

Whether you’re at your business or go for the day, and you can have confidence knowing a company is prepared and highly dedicated to quick response when emergency police, fire, or medical assistance is needed. All these services provided by home security systems Houston let you enjoy your vacation or do your work with no worries, and you can leave your house and family along with their complete safety.

Home Security Systems Best Houston Security Company

Why Choose PHT Security System Houston for Home Security Systems Houston

Personal Safety System

The home security systems Houston also includes personal safety devices, audio verification, and environmental protection. And the remarkable thing is that you’ll receive the highest quality service with a customized approach that fits your lifestyle. Because the system grows with you, you can customize it to fit your lifestyle. You may increase or decrease features as you grow. So, this system is comfortable or easy and very friendly to you as per today’s lifestyle and needs even in terms of smartness.  

Variety of alarm monitoring services

PHT Security Systems provides a variety of alarm monitoring services in Houston, access control solutions, video monitoring, and other security services that meet the needs of today’s business owners. All burglar alarm systems include professional installation and 24-hour monitoring. Your plan also may be customized with additional sensors and accessories for an extra charge.

Best Security System

This security system is far better than many other local security systems that assure 100% security. In PHT security system Houston you will find many features and services like home security system Houston and commercial security system Houston. They provide you with alarm monitoring services associated with the latest technology, and the cameras will monitor your house. On any susceptible movement, these alarms automatically blow the siren. The home burglar alarm system also works the same way that avoids the unauthorized intrusion of burglars and even makes those thieves think once before entering your house. 

Learn More About PHT Security System’s Security and Automation Solutions

PHT prefers to start with a security analysis to understand your best security needs and concerns. Then, their security consultant analyzes this information and assists you in customizing a unique alarm system solution that meets your needs. They have a particular analysis process that includes various steps. First, they will perform a survey of your home and do a complete system review, and, based on that, they will provide you the best suggestions and tell you about and give the results you want. Finally, they will address your security concerns and offer many recommendations on how you can best protect your home and family. 

You can choose your suitable budgets and packages, and whenever you want to start, you can visit the home security systems Houston website or contact them via call. They provide you the best customer service. For further queries, you may check out our website, i.e., https://www.phtsecuritysystems.com/services/security-analysis/. Their reputation for total customer satisfaction is outstanding. Moreover, they provide you with comprehensive online service options.


Installing PHT security systems in your home is a GREAT idea!   It gives you peace of mind by knowing that your loved ones, personal and business belongings are safe and secure.  Our company provides EXCEPTIONAL service and only installs OUTSTANDING Products as we are certified partners with ADT. You will be secured  with its ADVANCED Technology 24 hours, 7 days a week!

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