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ADT Security- Is It Right For You?

ADT Security- Is It Right For You?

ADT is one of the largest security system companies in the US. They’ve been around for over 100 years and have protected millions of American homes in that time. ADT is a well-known and trusted name in security. But in the new age of technology and DIY systems, does the long-standing tradition hold up? Here’s a review of the iconic ADT security system.

What Does It Come With?

The first thing that’s important to know when choosing a security system is what comes with it, and this is no different for ADT. With their more modern security systems, the home security system comes with:

    • ADT Command Center– a wall-mounted touchscreen that gives access to all of the home security features, with seamless integration to a smart system.
  • Door and Window Alarms– Alarms that attach to doors and windows that alert homeowners if they are opened when armed.
  • Security Key FOB– For those with a lot on their hands (literally) ADT provides a key fob that allows users to disarm their security system while wrangling children, hauling groceries, or doing anything in-between.
  • Motion Sensors– Intuitive motion sensors for outdoor installation can trigger cameras or lights when they sense people moving around. The system is even smart enough to recognize the difference between a human and a pet and will not go off when furry friends are near.
  • ADT Signs– For years, many have loved the ADT yard signs and window decals that stand as warning signs for burglars. Don’t worry, those haven’t gone anywhere and still serve a great purpose.
  • 24/7 Monitoring– Unlike DIY Security Systems, ADT has a large hub of experienced professionals monitoring each system at all times. There’s extra security in knowing a pro is watching over your home.

In addition to these items that come with the security system, there is also a mobile app to accompany, that allows users to access their home security system from anywhere, making it the perfect option for travelers.

Other Offers

ADT offers far more than just the home security system. If that’s not something you find as much interest in, ADT also collaborates with Google Nest to bring smart security systems to a professional level. Google Nest indoor and outdoor cameras, as well as Nest floodlights and the Google Nest Doorbell Camera, can all be purchased and installed through ADT, and connect right to Google Home.

ADT also provides Life safety alarms for a threat in the home, human or otherwise.

  • Smoke Detectors– Every home needs smoke detectors. These detectors, which not only sense smoke, but rapid temperature increases, are tuned to only sense a true fire, not burning toast. They’ll also integrate with the home automation options ADT provides.
  • Carbon Monoxide Detectors– Carbon Monoxide is a silent and odorless killer, therefore it’s crucial to be protected from it. ADT’s Carbon Monoxide detectors sense even low levels of CO in the air.
  • Flood Sensors– Floods are never fun, and are often damaging to homes. Having flood monitors in basements and on lower levels can help catch a leak before it really turns into a disaster. 
  • Panic Button– In high-danger emergency situations, calling 911 may not be an option. It could be too loud, take too long, there may not be a phone nearby. ADT’s panic button calls authorities. It can even be worn on clothing so that it’s always nearby.

ADT offers home automation accessories to truly smart your home. From smart locks to smart plugs, ADT has home automation covered.

Lastly, if you want a combination of these options but not necessarily everything, ADT offers a “Build it Yourself” option where you choose the equipment you want to guard your home, and ADT comes and installs it like normal. This is great for someone who loves being able to customize, and who doesn’t?

Plans and Pricing

ADT clearly has a lot to offer customers, but at what cost? There are many different plans, and thus many different prices, to choose from. Not all of them are for everyone, but which one is for you? There are two main costs to keep in mind when deciding what route to go:

Base Cost

The base cost covers the equipment that you need and the installation. This initial cost is steep since it gets installed professionally, but it varies based on which package you purchased:

  • Build Your Own (Secure Home)– $475
  • Smart Home– $600+
  • Video and Smart Home– $810+

These prices are pretty high, and ADT offers no DIY option, which could be a bit of a downside because of the sheer cost it incurs. But, not having to go through the struggles of installing it yourself does take away a fair bit of stress for homeowners. Now that we’ve covered the base cost, there is one more recurring cost to discuss:

Monthly Cost

As stated above, every service provided by ADT is covered professionally, which includes the camera and alarm monitoring. Because of this, the monthly cost to operate your equipment might seem a little higher than other systems:

  • Build Your Own (Secure Home)– $45.99/mo
  • Smart Home– $49.99/mo
  • Video and Smart Home– $59.99/mo

These fees include Essential Monitoring fees, or the basic monitoring of devices that come in every package. There are additional fees based on which plan you choose to purchase as well. 


Because ADT systems are entirely run by professionals, they do require a contract for their systems. This contract is at minimum 36 months, or 3 years. This may seem like a long time, but it locks you into having one of the most secure homes on the block. If you can’t pay the installation fee upfront and opt for the 60-month payment plan, however, you are required to sign a full 60-month contract or 5 years. This does break the payment down to under $10 a month which is fully manageable for almost any budget. 

Whether you’re a homeowner wanting to protect your home from break-ins, fires, or you simply want to further automate your home, ADT has an option that will fit your needs with ease. Find out how PHT Security can help you get an ADT system to your home today!

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