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How to Protect Your Home While on Vacation

How to Protect Your Home While on Vacation

No matter how much we love the idea of traveling, especially during the holidays, it’s always a little stressful to leave home. It’s hard to know if you remembered to lock all the windows and doors or if your dog is left with enough food and water for their week-long vacation. With these simple tips, however, you can rest easy knowing that your home is protected while you are away:

Prep before leaving

Before leaving town, the first thing to do is ensure the house is secure. To do this, you’ll need to give the mailman, UPS, and FedEx delivery people a key or code to enter your home. You should also leave a note for them telling them when you’ll be back in case they cannot reach you by phone.

Turn off your water heater and turn on all lights, TVs, and other electronics before departing so that nobody can see inside or hear noise through windows/doors as soon as possible after departure. This will discourage thieves from attempting to break into your home while you’re away on vacation. Finally, close all windows and blinds so that passers-by cannot see inside your house; this will deter potential burglars who may think no one is home if they peek through open curtains/blinds during their search for valuables left out in plain view (like jewelry).

Install a smart home security system

What is a smart home security system?

Smart home security systems are the wave of the future. These high-tech gadgets can monitor your house, notifying you when something is amiss. They’re also able to alert emergency services if there’s an intruder in your home. And they do this without needing constant human supervision—you can set them up so that they’ll notify you whenever anything happens, even if you’re in another city!

How do I install one?

To install a smart home security system, all you need to do is plug it into an outlet near where it will be used most often and download an app onto your phone or computer which will connect with the device over Wi-Fi (or cellular data). Then all of its features will be accessible from anywhere using those devices’ internet connections!

Automate your lighting and electronics

Automate your lights and electronics

Use a smart home security system

Automate your home from anywhere with an app. Some of the top brands include Nest, Honeywell Lyric, Piper, Rachio, and ADT Pulse. Most of these systems use a hub (a small box that connects all your smart devices together) to communicate with each other so you can control them using one app on your phone. The best part? You can now automate lights and other devices without having to replace them! Here’s how:

  • Timer function – Set timers to turn on/off lights at specific times or during specific days/seasons (e.g., turn on porch lights automatically at night).
  • Geo-fencing– Set up notifications when you’re near or away from home so you know if anyone has entered or exited the house unexpectedly (e.g., make sure pets aren’t locked inside).
  • Home automation – Automatically turn off lights in particular rooms when not in use (e .g., if no one is watching TV in a certain room).

Keep your home looking lived in

To trick burglars into thinking that someone is home, keep the lights on at night. You can also use timers to turn lights on and off at regular intervals. If you have a webcam and an internet connection, set up a schedule for when it activates that will make your home look occupied even if no one is there.

Tell your neighbors and relatives

If you have neighbors, family, or friends who can check on your house while you’re away, it’s important to let them know. Make sure they have a list of emergency contact numbers and that your house is secure before leaving for vacation.

If possible, give them a key so they can enter and make sure everything is okay inside. If there’s anything that needs attention—like a utility bill or an overflowing mailbox—they’ll be able to handle the situation without disrupting your peace of mind when returning home from vacation.

Protecting your home is easier than ever with these simple tips.

Protecting your home is easier than ever with these simple tips.

  • Consider an electronic security system.
  • Use a camera to monitor the inside of your home while you’re away. You can find them in a variety of designs and sizes, such as stick-on cameras that hang on windows or doorbells with built-in cameras that allow you to see who’s at the front door from anywhere in the world via smartphone app.
  • Let someone know when you leave town or if something seems suspicious when they come over unexpectedly (like if they noticed lights on inside when they arrived). This helps ensure that no one breaks into your home while it’s unattended!

Protecting your home while you’re out of town is easier than ever. With a few simple steps, like automating the lights and electronics in your home, installing a smart security system, and telling those who live nearby what they can expect from you during this time, you’ll be able to enjoy your vacation without worrying about any unexpected surprises.


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