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Importance of Home Security System

Many people frown upon the use of home security systems, mainly owing to the heavy cost involved in installations and the monthly fees. But home security systems serve a broader purpose: the safety of your family and your hard-earned valuables.

As per recent studies, it was found that more than 3,000 burglaries are reported in the US every day, a staggering number when you consider how prompt and proactive our law enforcement agencies are. Moreover, in a country with a population of just over 330 million people, it was found that only 24% of Americans use home security systems to protect their homes from burglars.

Such a low adoption rate of security systems makes it clear that most Americans don’t find it worth the hassle to install these surveillance systems. But is it justified, given the rising rate of burglary?

There are significant benefits to be derived from the installation of home security systems. If you’re skeptical about installing a home security system, read this blog piece to understand why they are an essential part of keeping your loved ones and valuables safe.

  • Prevents Crime

Installing home security systems not only protects your home from burglars and robbers but also deters these elements in your neighborhood. Numerous studies have found a direct link between dropping crime rates in areas where people have installed these safety measures. This was also true for people in the vicinity who didn’t have a security system at all.

Thus, having a security system not only protects your home but also makes the neighborhood a safer place to live.

  • Protects Valuables

Protection of valuables is the prime objective of installing security measures at your home. Burglars often target items that are expensive, like jewelry, watches, electronics, family heirloom, etc. Installing a safe could be another measure to protect these valuables, but they still can’t deter burglars from breaking into your house, something which may endanger your loved ones.

Home security systems go a step ahead in this regard, scaring off burglars with alarms and also notifying the law enforcement agencies about an attempted break-in.

  • Easy Access and Management

Home security systems have become more technologically advanced than ever before. You can have remote access to these systems and be on a constant vigil with what’s happening in your home in your absence. Security systems can be paired with electronic devices like mobile phones, PCs, and tablets which have 24×7 access to the camera and other sensors and can manage them easily in just a few clicks.

The cameras installed in your home allow you to view the surroundings at any point in time through your connected device. You can also track the usage of each system like keyless door entry, intelligent lighting systems, etc.

  • Warns against Smoke and Fire

Home security systems consist of various kinds of alarms, including a carbon monoxide detector. Carbon monoxide is a major constituent of smoke and raging fire. With home security systems, you can receive notifications about any smoke, gas, or fire alerts in your home while you’re not present. You can opt to manage the systems and receive information on your mobile phone, PC, or tablet.

Some home security providers also offer an in-built device that alerts public authorities and emergency response teams of these emergencies.

  • Monitoring Children

Another prime advantage of security systems at home is that they allow you to keep tabs on your children while you’re away from home. Having young children at home is worrying at times, especially if they’re in their teens or even younger than that.

In cases where both parents are working, home security systems come in quite handy in making the home a safe place for the kids whilst their guardians are gone. You can monitor their behavior, let them in or out with keyless doors and entry, and be notified of any potential emergencies at home.

  • Lowers Home Insurance Rates

A hidden advantage of installing security systems at home also helps you to reduce the homeowner’s insurance rate. Some loan providers clearly outline the use of specific home security brands that’ll lower the cost of your home insurance by as much as 20%.

This is because due to instant access to public and emergency responders, your home and its valuables are less at risk. Although you’d still have to make monthly payments for the security measures, the reduction of the insurance amount will be much more significant in saving you money while increasing the security of your home.

  • Lessens Electricity Consumption

With home security systems, you can easily manage all the devices from your smartphone. You can switch systems on and off as per your convenience and usage at home. Through your smartphone device, you can turn these devices on and off whenever and wherever you are with apps on your mobile phones. So it doesn’t matter if you forgot to turn the light off during a vacation or if you’ve left the thermostat on at home.

You can get alerts on your phone about these systems operating and turn them off or on without having to blink an eye for it. All of this lessens the electricity bill that you’d have to pay if such remote management didn’t exist at your home.

  • Enhances your Productivity

Home security systems lessen your dependency on being in constant touch with your family members back home, worrying about their safety. With a bit of investment in their security, you can have peace of mind and make more time for work and other tasks that need your attention. The full-fledged focus on your work means more productivity and efficiency on your part with the complete sense of security of the wellbeing of your loved ones back home.

Trust PHT to Safeguard your Loved Ones

Preferred Home Technologies security systems protect your home against unauthorized intruders while safeguarding your valuables. With easy remote management and state-of-the-art security systems, you have peace of mind while leaving home, knowing that your loved ones will be safe and under your constant supervision.

Get in touch with us today and explore a wide array of security systems that safeguards your home with numerous other benefits.