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Comparing Home Security Systems

Comparing Home Security Systems

Safety is a number one priority for most families in the US. Protecting your loved ones and your property is of utmost importance, and security systems make that easy. Having alarms, security cameras, and any other bells and whistles you’d like to add can make your home much more secure, and help you sleep at night. There’s only one issue: there are so many security systems out there, and it can be hard to choose one that best fits your needs. Here is a comparison of some of the most popular security systems so that you can find the best fit for your family and home!

Comcast Xfinity

If you’re looking for an affordable and efficient option, Comcast might be the way to go for you! Here is some information about this system:


  • Professional installation- just sit back and relax, and let the pros set it up for you!
  • Price- significantly less than other popular options like Vivint.
  • Bundle options- Comcast offers a bundle with internet, phone, and cable if you want a deal! (you don’t have to get it if you don’t want to)
  • Voice Assist- Comcast’s home security system works with Alexa and Google, so you can control it without pressing a button!
  • No contract required- You can install or uninstall any time you’d like!


  • Extra fees- Comcast charges an additional 24/7 professional monitoring fee with their system.
  • Limited home automation capabilities- with the low price comes a lower capabilities for home automation, if that’s something you care about.

ADT Security

ADT is arguably the best-known security company. They’ve been securing homes for over a hundred years, so they have to know what they’re doing. They’ve built their name for a reason: this home security system is one of the best on the market, with a lot of features:


  • Long moneyback period- ADT provides a six month moneyback guarantee, which is the longest in the country. If you’re not satisfied with your system, you get your money back!
  • No starter equipment cost- Nothing like free equipment! ADT is the only company on the list that doesn’t charge equipment fees.
  • Lots of compatibility- ADT has compatibility with smart home options: Alexa, Google, Z-Wave, and even Ford. Does that make it smart home and auto compatible?
  • Top-Notch Customer Service- ADT provides the best customer service of these options, so you can be satisfied every time!
  • Product options- ADT offers a huge variety of security products for you to use, so your home can be the safest on the block!


  • Contract- With free equipment comes a contract. If you don’t want to be tied down to this option for the long-term, this may not be for you
  • Early Termination Fee- Because this is a contractual relationship, early termination of your contract with ADT is costly.

Vivint Security

Vivint’s home security system is considered the best home security system by many different groups. Here’s why:


  • Affordable Professional Installation- with a professional installation fee that’s under fifty dollars, Vivint has one of the lowest installation fees.
  • Remote controls- You can control locks, alarms, cameras, etc. from your phone, which means wherever you are.
  • Voice Assistance- Vivint is compatible with Alexa, Google, and Z-Wave
  • No Contract- Vivint Security doesn’t require a contract, which means that you can return the equipment at any time.
  • High-end equipment- Vivint has some of the best equipment in the industry, and 24/7 monitoring to boot


  • Super Pricey- Vivint’s system is the most expensive on the list, especially their equipment fee (upwards of $600, some people pay in the thousands for larger sums of equipment). The equipment is great, but it comes at a great cost.
  • Still Super PRicey- In addition to their equipment fee, their monthly fee is higher than most at around $30-45 a month.

Ring Home Alarm

We’ve all seen the Ring doorbell camera videos on Facebook, but did you know that Ring offers a full alarm system?


  • Best cameras on the market- Ring Alarm has the best cameras of all of the security systems, by far. 
  • Built-in Wifi- Ring is the only security system with a built-in wifi router. This is a great way to ensure that your connection never lapses and you don’t lose connection, unsecuring your home.
  • Smart Home Compatible- Ring works with Alexa, Google, and Z-Wave, and their app functions very well.
  • No Contract Required- You already know the drill for this one.
  • DIY Installation- Some people might consider this as a con, but this could also be considered a pro for many. No professional installation means no installation fees. Plus, you can make sure that everything gets put where you want it, how you want it!


  • Cameras Not Included- For a company that’s super well-known for their cameras, it seems a little odd that the basic package doesn’t feature cameras. This incurs a little extra cost, but the cameras are nowhere near as expensive as Vivint.
  • Some policy issues- Ring has had some issues with privacy policies in the past. You can read more here.

SimpliSafe Alarm

The last home security system we’ll be covering is the SimpliSafe Alarm. They’re considered a great budget pick for someone not looking for anything too crazy:


  • Price- SimpliSafe is one of the most budget-friendly options on the market. Their basic monthly cost is $15 a month, and their more “luxury” option with monitoring is only an additional $10 a month, and it fully worth it.
  • Customizable- SimpliSafe is extremely customizable, and lets you choose the equipment and monitoring levels that you want.
  • Good moneyback deal- SimpliSafe offers a 60-day moneyback guarantee for you
  • Online Shopping- Because SimpliSafe is a DIY option, their website features a fully online experience, where you can shop systems, build your own system, and more. For our online world, having the ability to buy directly front he website and not through a third party is super nice. Plus, having it shipped to your home isn’t too bad either.
  • So many options- SimpliSafe’s website offers countless options for products that you can add to your system.


  • Limited Smart Home Capability- SimpliSafe doesn’t have as robust of capabilities as some of the other options for smart home integration. If this is something you’d like for your home, then SimpliSafe may not be for you.
  • Indoor Camera- SimpliSafe is cited by some as having an “underwhelming indoor camera”, but they have a ton of other products that are stellar.


  • Comcast Xfinity- Great budget-friendly option with some smart home compatibility and professional installation

  • ADT Security- A long-standing favorite with robust smart home compatibility and the best customer service

  • Vivint Security- The best (and most expensive) home security system with high-quality equipment and capability for remote control

  • Ring Home Alarm- Some of the best cameras on the market and built-in wifi for DIY-ers

  • SimpliSafe- The most budget-friendly option for a DIY-er who doesn’t need smart home capabilities, but wants a lot of great product options


There are a ton of home security options out there, and it can be hard to tell which ones meet your specific wants, needs, and budget. We hope this has helped you narrow down your options!

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