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Top Security Camera Features in 2022

Security cameras have become an essential part of beefing up security at homes, offices, and shopping stores. Security cameras have become the norm and the first step towards setting up security systems in space. Not only do they present vital evidence in the event of a crime, but they’re also the reason for keeping criminals away from your property.

The best outdoor security cameras 2021 came with tons of features and options. Just a few years back, what was considered luxury has become a necessity today. So in your search for the best safety camera with the latest features, it’s common to get confused with the various models out there and the range of features they provide.

Best Security Camera Features in 2022

When we talk about selecting the best security camera, we’re not just about feature-rich products that are complex to use. During your search for the best security camera, you should remember that each safety camera is intended for a specific task. There’s no ‘”one size fits all” rule in safety security systems.

What’s crucial here is to know the purpose of installing security systems in your residential or commercial space. Are you trying to prevent burglary? Or are you trying to avoid theft and damage in your shopping store? Whatever your reason, there’s a security camera that exactly meets your safety requirements, and so it’s worthwhile knowing what these top features are:

  • High Definition Video Recording

Now you don’t want your camera to capture blurry videos that don’t have the quality you expected. Just like your smartphone device can record high-definition videos, so should your safety camera.

Most cameras nowadays come with 720p video quality, but we recommend you to go even further with a video quality of 1080p. Having a 1080p camera quality will ensure crystal-clear footage of the surroundings, which will help you to identify any suspicious activity on your property.

Along with a high-definition video recording, also consider a wide-angle camera to cover as much ground as possible.

  • Night/Low Vision Capture

Your security camera is no good if it’s incapable of recording footage during the night (most burglars are active during the wee hours). Night vision or low light cameras can record clearly even when there’s a natural shortage of light.

If you’re looking to install the best security camera for your home, you can go for a system with an in-built image intensifier that processes ambient lights in the frame to capture the surroundings. But if you’re looking for a commercial set-up, you should go for a camera with advanced features like infrared or heat sensors that rely on more than just visuals to record your space.

  • Cloud Backup

A standard security camera will offer you limited storage options, and you’ll soon find yourself transferring the recordings to another device or deleting them permanently. But with cloud technology in your security camera, you can solve your storage problems once and for all.

You can upload all your security footage to cloud storage and access your systems remotely. This means that you can now have control over your security systems at your fingertips; by integrating your smartphone with the safety systems. With these intelligent security systems, you can easily monitor the footage, activate or deactivate the recording and even have control over other systems in your homes like lights and water heaters.

Such an archival function will also ensure that no evidence is destroyed or stolen by any culprits, as with DVR cameras.

  • Motion Detection

If you’re the owner of a warehouse or a similar space where valuable goods are stored, a motion detector camera can be an apt security solution for you. Motion sensor cameras only record when it detects motions in their field of view. So it only starts recording when an object moves in its covered area.

Motion sensor cameras can save you loads of storage space as it’s not recording 24×7. It gets activated only when someone or something enters its viewing range. Not only do these cameras save on storage space, but they also cut down internet usage by occupying lesser cloud space.

Thanks to the constant innovation in this field, motion sensor systems have also advanced to the level of movement detection. Cameras with this feature will follow the movement of the person or object that enters its field of view, thereby alerting you and law enforcement agencies to intruders.

  • Wide Dynamic Range

A wide dynamic range in a security camera means capturing videos in extreme light and dark conditions. If you have an enclosure or a space with very bright areas or extremely dark spots, wide dynamic range cameras are the right solution for you.

Safety cameras with this feature balance out the image in front of it, so that bright and dark areas remain visible.

  • Two-Way Speakers

The days of intercom systems seem to be outdated with the advent of two-way audio cameras. Cameras with in-built intercoms are becoming popular by the day because they allow you to monitor and communicate with the person on the other side of the door.

Nowadays, two-way speaker cameras are an essential feature and are included in almost all top security cameras for home. Two-way audio cameras are suitable if you’ve pets or children at home and you need to talk to them to calm them down or reassure them. These cameras also amplify outdoor noises, alerting you to any funny noise on your front lawn.


Find the Best Security Camera for your Home and Office

More and more homes in the US are now relying on integrated, smart security systems for the safety of their loved ones and valuables. It’s estimated that by 2025, the smart home revenue segment in the US will be worth 8 bn USD.

That may seem like a staggering amount, but given that the country reports over 4,000 burglary cases every year, ramping up security at your premise seems like a smart move.

Find the latest and best security cameras for your home and commercial spaces, along with other smart home alarm systems that ensure the protection of all that you cherish. Contact us today via call or email or visit us in Houston to know more about how PHT security systems can contribute to your family and property safety.

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