Security Analysis

At PHT we prefer to start with a security analysis to understand your best security needs and concerns. Our security consultant analyzes this information and assists you in customizing a unique alarm system solution that meets your needs.

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Our analysis process includes:

Step 1 PHT will perform a thorough inspection of your home and do a complete security system review. As we survey your home, we will address your security concerns and offer many recommendations on how you can best protect your home and family.

Step 2 PHT will explain how we provide the results you want, and why we are one of the leaders in our industry. 

Step 3 :In an effort to provide “custom security at an affordable price,” we will design 3 levels of security for your review. Our silver, gold, and platinum security designs will allow you to ultimately make the decision on the security program that best meets your needs and your budget. 

Whatever your needs or your budget, you can count on PHT to provide the best system and service.