Business Security

Commercial Security Systems Houston, TX to protect your property and inventory against theft and vandalism.

PHT Security Systems provide, a variety of alarm monitoring services Houston, access control solutions, video monitoring, and other security services that meet the needs of today’s business owner.

All burglar alarm systems include equipment, professional installation, and 24-hour monitoring. Your system also may be customized with additional sensors and accessories for an extra charge.

Burglar Alarm System

24/7 monitored service detects unauthorized entry and helps prevent burglaries and malicious intrusions.

Video Surveillance

A video monitoring system can help deter shoplifting and employee theft, provide activity records for hard-to-monitor areas, and document events to protect your business against fraudulent liability claims.

Perimeter Monitoring

Protect the most exposed parts of your business and property with business alarm monitoring Houston at PHT security Systems, or observe store traffic or distant equipment operations with a multi-camera perimeter monitoring system.

Personal Safety

Hold-up/panic buttons, wearable emergency transmitters, and medical/panic buttons on the security panel provide an instant action/response system that adds to employee safety.

Two-Way Interactive Audio Verification

In an emergency situation, audio verification allows the Monitoring Center operator to listen in silently when you press the panic button, or lets you have a two-way conversation — without using the telephone.

24/7 Smoke/Fire Monitoring

A security siren is not enough. Around-the-clock monitoring by trained security professionals provides the most protection for your business property.

Environmental Monitoring

Protect your business location, inventory, and employees from the threat of carbon monoxide, flooding, and temperature fluctuations, as well as fire and smoke danger.

Access Control

With access control added to your security systems, you can manage, monitor, and audit entry to your building or restricted or sensitive areas.