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Having a security system that triggers an intrusion siren — even one for every location — simply is not enough. A security system, coupled with around-the-clock alarm monitoring service, gives your business an added protection and maximizes your peace of mind. Whether you’re at your business or gone for the day, you can have confidence knowing there is an organization prepared and dedicated to quick response when emergency police, fire, or medical assistance is needed.

Alarm Monitoring Services Houston maximize your security

Everyone feels more secure knowing that there is someone nearby. As the leader in Two-Way Interactive Audio Verification, it gives you an added layer of protection and peace of mind that someone is there to assist you during an emergency situation.

Monitoring can deter criminal activity

FBI statistics show that a business with a monitored security system is 4.5 times less likely to be burglarized.

Home Alarm Systems Houston maximizes the value of your commercial security system

With accurate emergency information at their fingertips, our professional operators quickly can determine your needs and send help. It takes only seconds to notify the appropriate police, fire, or medical emergency response teams of the crisis.

PHT’s Wireless Home Security Systems Houston monitoring service can help record the times your system is activated and deactivated

It can even notify you if your system is not armed or disarmed at desired times each day with an open and closing notification feature.

Business Alarm Monitoring can nearly eliminate expensive and wasteful false alarms

False alarms can trigger costly fines — and pull emergency professionals away from real crises. Professional security monitoring can eliminate almost all false alarm dispatches.

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The protection of your home and business from accidents, burglars, and thieves is essential, and installing an alarm monitoring system is the best way to counter these issues. Having an alarm monitoring system will not only ensure a safe and secure environment but will essentially give you peace of mind. PHT Security System is regarded as among the best Alarm Monitoring Houston agencies, offering robust security systems for homes and businesses.

In the U.S, burglary rates have increased 25% since the beginning of the financial slowdown. With so many out of work, the desperation is apparent as people find themselves doing anything to survive. Hence the need for a competent alarm monitoring system that will protect you and your family while in the home and away. The alarm monitoring system can alert you of emergencies & intruders while also scaring them away.

What Are Alarm Monitoring Systems?

Alarm monitoring systems provide essential security assistance by alerting you of emergencies & intruders, monitoring any alarm tripped and responding by notifying you and/or an emergency response service. In other words, after the alarm is installed, these alarm monitoring system providers will work with you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to improve the safety of your property and family.

Using innovative & state of the art technology, you can now set your security alarm monitoring system and monitor over the internet for a fraction of the cost. But when you have a reliable agency backing you, it offers you the highest-quality protection in security systems. Alarm monitoring companies offer you special phone lines, trained staff, and networks that connect to your security system.

Why Alarm Monitoring Systems?

Alarm Monitoring Houston agencies work 24/7 with you after the alarm is installed to enhance the safety of your home and family. Here are a few reasons for choosing alarm monitoring systems.

Increasing criminal activities

The major reason for people installing alarm monitoring systems is mainly because of the startling increase in criminal activities. Several reasons lead perfectly innocent individuals to lead a dangerous lifestyle. The main cause of crimes is the desperate need for resources coupled with the urge to make quick money. Some usually get into criminal activities simply for the thrill that is involved. Criminals may have countless reasons to commit crimes, and it is your duty to safeguard yourself and your family from these dangerous crooks. This must be reason enough to install an alarm monitoring system.

Homes being vacant for several hours at a stretch

The grueling working hours of individuals stop them from spending much time at home. Therefore, they spend most of the time away from home in different cities trying to catch up with the pending work and meet deadlines effectively. What results is a series of events where the burglars get the opportunity to break in and get access to the valuables that lie safely in the confines of your home. Most of the time, your work may call for you to keep your kids alone at home. This can be particularly scary in the absence of an alarm monitoring system.

Security during special events

You may not realize it, but organizing special events like weddings or other festive celebrations involves not only tasks like moving around the furniture or decorating the home for the event. It also involves taking special care of your belongings. Festive events are when burglars get the opportunity to break into homes posing as guests. With the other responsibilities hovering over them, the hosts fail to pay much attention to any of these aspects, leading to your valuables being stolen. In such a situation, the best thing that you can do to ensure that no one takes advantage of this is by collecting all your valuables and storing them in a box complete with the alarm monitoring system. You will be alerted in the event of a burglary.

Choose PHT Security's Alarm Monitoring Systems For An Effective Deterrence

When seeking to install or upgrade protection for homes, offices, and business establishments, check out alarm monitoring. Nothing can beat the state-of-the-art alarm monitoring systems with their advanced features designed for both commercial and residential use. These are the types of alarms equipped with up-to-the-minute chips and sensors that function to perceive and identify even the slightest sounds and movements.

Today, most homes, offices, and business establishments are installed with modern security systems, especially in entrances, hallways, and windows, to ensure safety. Most properties with alarm systems are also increasing in value. They are easy to sell, especially to those who have serious concerns regarding their security as the number of intrusion cases has escalated.

Alarm Monitoring Houston system is an effective deterrent to traceless break-ins, especially in highly protected institutions and structures like financial companies, jewelry stores, and large companies. Although highly sensitive alarms and other types of security systems have successfully stopped intrusion and burglary cases, countless cases were still unsolved. Be safe and don’t be a victim by ensuring that you have the best alarm monitoring system installed in your dwelling, place of work, or business.

The highly advanced Alarm Monitoring Houston system is crafted to make it look like some kind of decorative item. These alarms can be attached to any part of a room; hence intruders wandering around the area are seen and caught and give lawless elements a hint that the place they’re planning to break in is fully protected. Regardless of the type of alarm you wish to install, it is best to do careful research before you head out and grab one from the market to make certain that you get the type that serves your purpose best.

There are plenty of Alarm companies Houston today; hence you can find alarms that look simple and plain yet exceptionally powerful in keeping your property and valuable items protected at all times. When seriously thinking of installing alarm monitoring in your living space or workplace, it is highly advisable to first consult a well-known and trusted security expert like PHT.

Expect to be presented with excellent options in accordance with your specifications. It is best to take time to investigate their options. The Best home alarm system or business security and choose the type that fits your budget as well as your security needs. Home Security Systems Houston will never let you down should you wish to upgrade your family’s safety, especially with the disposal of authorities to provide service to your entire property when you are away or resting.

While not every single risk is significant enough to require persistent monitoring, the routine is to plan ahead and determine what suits your needs best. It pays to also search for risks inherent in your resources, which means that you have to include your personnel. If you are running a business, careful monitoring is very important. Whatever your needs are, our Alarm Monitoring Houston  will have you covered.