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How to Protect Your Home With A Doggie Door

How to Protect Your Home With A Doggie Door

Anybody who has a dog loves it with all their heart. Pet owners only want the best for their furry friends, and sometimes that includes using a doggie door so that your best friend can go outside as they please while you’re off at work or running errands. But, this can sometimes be a safety concern for the security of your home. While most of the time people are far too big to fit in a doggie door, there is a risk imposed whenever you leave an area of your home vulnerable. And while we love our pets, we still want to maintain a safe home. With that in mind, here are some solutions to make your home safer with a doggie door.

Locking Doggie Door

You may not have known this before, but there are doggie doors that lock. In fact, there are many, many options for doors that lock. There are some such as the PlexiDor option on Amazon that provides a physical key to lock and unlock the door as needed. There are others, such as the option from SureFlap that use your pup’s microchip to signal opening and closing to prevent strays as well. Some of the options out there even feature automation options that allow you to program what times of day the doors should be locked or unlocked. There are some great choices for doggie doors that lock.

Removable Doggie Door

For those with a sliding backdoor, a removable doggie door could prove to be a great option. Removable pet doors come attached to a panel that is placed in the doorway and are easy to remove at any time that your pets don’t need access. A great example is this doggie door from Amazon.

Pick a Discreet Location

While the backdoor or garage door may seem like the obvious location for a doggie door, it is! But, it’s up for debate whether or not that’s a good thing. The obvious places are the first places a home invader (human or otherwise) will try those locations if they’re really desperate. Hiding the doggie door in a spot that’s obvious from the inside of your home, but not so much from the outside, will make it safer for your pet to go in and out as they please without posing as much of a threat to your home.

Install a Security Alarm on the Door

Who says you can’t put an alarm on your doggie door? In fact, it’s honestly a good idea! Putting an alarm on your pet door is a great way to ensure that it’s protected when your home is armed. However, make sure your pup can’t get out when the system is armed.

Get a Sign

You may be surprised by how much a “beware of dog” sign will do. Even if your dog isn’t aggressive, many people will be deterred by the thought of an aggressive dog. Additionally, if your dog is a barker, that can act as an additional invasion deterrent. 

You don’t have to sacrifice the safety and security of your home to have a doggie door for your pet’s convenience. You now have many options now to choose from that will not only allow your furry friend to have an easy way to the backyard but keeps your home secure in the process. To keep your home secure, learn how PHT Security can help you!

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