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8 Pro Tips for Home Safety and Security

We all have to leave our homes at some point during the day to go to work, college, or buy necessities. While being away, you’d want your family to be safe and sound back at your home.

In 2021, the US witnessed over 3,000 burglary and unauthorized intrusion cases at their home. In a population of 330,000,000, that’s a significant number.

Your house is most at risk when you’re away for holidays with the family, especially during the summers. Burglars often keep tabs on multiple houses, the security inside, and the schedule of its residents. Any home without the owners around or having easy access is often the one to be robbed.

So, how do you safeguard your home against burglars and robbers while you’re away?

Read on below to know how you can make your home a safer place to live when you’re not around.

  • Lock Doors and Windows

Whether you’re heading down to the supermarket or going to watch your local ball game, locking your doors and windows is a must whenever you’re leaving home. Ensure that all doors, windows, and the garage are properly locked. Even in busy neighborhoods where the residents are soaking up the sun, you shouldn’t leave any doors or windows unlocked. Don’t leave anything to chance.

  • Remember all the Spare keys.

Many homeowners have multiple keys made to their homes and have them distributed to close friends of their neighbors. However, it’s best to remember all your keys and who’s in possession of them.

The same applies if you have a habit of hiding your key beneath the doormat or in the flower pot just at the entrance. Although this may be necessary to let the kids come in, you must exercise caution and look at things practically. Down the line, people are going to know the whereabouts of your keys when you’re away from home. So, you’d be better off installing a locking system with a code that only your family members are aware of.

To ensure maximum protection, you can keep changing the code every couple of months

  • Install Security Systems

Many states in the US are witnessing growing numbers of break-ins and burglaries in their home. But whether you’re in a state with high crime rates or not, you don’t want to face a situation where your valuables are lost due to a burglary.

These break-ins can also result in serious consequences if there are kids or seniors present in the home. Installing security systems and a camera will give you peace of mind every time you leave home, knowing that your loved ones and valuables are safe.

With security and surveillance systems, you can keep a watchful eye on everyone at your home, including the entry points. Any cause of suspicion, and you can alert the authorities in no time.

  • Don’t make your address Public.

We use social media to connect with family and friends and post about our daily lives on these platforms. And while it’s good to share the little things that make up our everyday lives, you shouldn’t go overboard in sharing your personal life on these platforms.

Refrain from putting up your address on social media platforms or online forums where it can be viewed by many people. It’s also best if you don’t share your daily schedule with your friends on social chats, except for those closest to you and your family.

  • Inspect your Home Exteriors

The next step is to inspect the exterior of your home and the property. Take a view of your house and check windows and the main door from the street; are they easily visible?

Fix lighting in dimly lit areas of your house, such as the backyard and corners. Make sure that every part of your house is properly lit at night to deter criminals and burglars from concocting a break-in in your home. Motion lights can do the trick here, as they light up whenever they detect motion nearby.

If shrubs block the view of the windows from the exterior, trim them down so that the road is visible from the windows.

  • Set-up automatic lights

Automatic lights can be switched on and off by setting up timers or even remotely through your smartphone. These lights give the appearance that somebody is inside the house at all times.

So, whenever you’re heading for a vacation or going for groceries, you can time these lights to remain on whilst you’re away. Although such smart security systems may put some figures on your monthly bill, knowing that your home is fully safe and secure from intruders is worth investing in.

  • Maintain Home Security Systems

Home security systems are the best way to keep your house safe from all the negative elements. But your modern security systems would be no good if they aren’t functioning properly when you need them to.

To avoid such hassles at the last minute, inspect your security cameras and other systems at least twice every year. Some security system providers offer testing features that allow you to test if all the components of your home security systems are functioning properly or not. If you find a fault in any one of your systems, get it checked as soon as possible and call for professional help.

It’s not just about the systems working efficiently; they also need to cover the areas leading to your front door, porch, backyard, etc. Make sure that your cameras are pointed in the right direction and have a good view of the front door and other sensitive areas.

  • Upgrade your Security Systems

If you’ve had a home security system for a long now, consider upgrading to the latest versions. Replacing your camera with a newer HD version or installing motion sensors and lighting are some of the common upgrades in home security systems today.

Replacing your old systems with smart alarm systems will enhance the protection of your home from more than burglars. You can opt for a full suite of security systems, including keyless doors, image and motion sensors, HD cameras, smoke and carbon detectors, etc., for the complete protection of your loved ones.

Install State-of-the-Art Security Systems from PHT

Use these home safety tips to make your home safe and secure. If you need cutting edge home security systems with the latest technology, PFT can help in securing your home.

Our installation and maintenance services ensure that all your systems are working efficiently and covering all security aspects of your house. Get in touch with us today and book a consultation to know how our home security systems can safeguard your valuables and loved ones.

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